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We are a Baltic software engineering company building, implementing and maintaining state-of-the-art core software and creating viable tech solutions for the insurance industry for over 15 years.

We are looking for competent and experienced partners to team up and cooperate on the distribution and implementation of our products.

Our core management solution has already proved to perform for such global insurers as Vienna Insurance Group, ERGO, Gjensidige, and it is highly adaptable to meet both local business needs and the group’s strategic demands.

Along with the cost-efficient, high-performing and viable product, we offer a broad support that includes detailed documentation, training, quality control, and more. We and our partners work as one team on mutual goals to realize clients’ vision, deliver value and provide great customer experience.

If you share the same values, and want to become a Proof IT partner, leave us your contacts and we will reach out shortly. Together, we’ll find cooperation opportunities to fit your particular partnership context.

Leave us your contacts and we’ll reach out shortly.
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